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As a specialist planner, we are guided by the multifaceted nature of circular building principles, building in the existing, working with what is already there, and expanding with new construction for the future reuse and further use of buildings and their components. We partner and advise on projects and competitions as well as promote research and education. We are constantly expanding our network in sustainable building.

Specialist Planning

We support you in the planning, bidding and implementation of a circular and climate-friendly building, in renovation as well as in new construction. Together we define the strategy and the framework conditions, be it financial, legal, normative or ecological. For your building project, we look for suitable components and ensure that they are given a second life in your project.

Building Analysis & Component Hunting

We analyze properties for their potential for reuse at all levels–from the building and its structure, to the individual components and materials. In your renovation or deconstruction project, we locate those elements that are suitable for reuse, within your own project or elsewhere. We organize all steps from disassembly to reassembly of the components.

Competition & Commissioned Study

We understand the perspectives of both the client and the competition participants. We support clients in the planning of circular and climate-friendly competitions by providing catalogs of components, target specifications and jury participation. We accompany architectural offices in partnership as a team and integrate the principles of the circular economy in their competition entry.

Research & Teaching

Converting previous construction processes to the circular economy brings new questions and requires specific knowledge. We participate in solution-oriented research projects and are involved in teaching. We offer internships and train component hunters. In close exchange with authorities and associations, we help shape the future of the circular construction industry.