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The existing storage area for recycling material was uncovered and in poor structural condition. The open disposal containers consistently filled with water when it rained and valuable materials such as copper were repeatedly stolen. To protect it from theft and weather, the recycling yard was to be upgraded to an enclosed shed and, if possible, constructed of recycled material.

Because the soil on site was contaminated with pollutants, disallowing the soil seal to be disturbed, any construction of foundations was deemed impossible. To solve the problem, an above-ground foundation was used. Two layers of concrete blocks (50x50x150cm) were placed on the sealed soil as a base and connected by threaded rods to protect against shear. The overlying structure can be detached from the base and bolted again elsewhere for reuse.

The complete steel structure as well as the galvanized trapezoidal sheet metal shell with a light rust patina originate from two different deconstructions. Only one door and two gates are new. The asphalted forecourt was repaired and expanded instead of replaced in order to save material resources, CO2 and money. Compared to a construction of the container yard as a new building, significant cost savings could be achieved through the reuse of components and an execution that met the needs of the project efficiently.

year of completion:
project team:
Oliver Seidel, Kerstin Müller, Claudio Villabruna
Primeo AG
Wetter Metallbau AG
H. Reich AG
Martin Zeller