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For the planned expansion of the “Park School Campus” of Uster, the provisional school building occupied by the cantonal school “Im Lee,” located in Winterthur, will be repurposed.

A facade renovation and additional “buffer zone” to the exterior made of reused building components is planned in order to support the expansion of the learning spaces as well as for the necessary upgrading of the building shell for better insulation purposes. Zirkular supports baubüro in situ in the search and procurement of suitable windows, fire doors, concrete elements, railings, facade and roof sheets as well as lights. A special innovation here is the attempt to reuse concrete slabs from tunnel construction as arcades. The utilization of reused components is expected to reduce construction emissions by more than 100 metric tons of CO2 eq. compared with a similar volume of new construction.

year of completion:
project team:
Christoph Müller
component hunting:
Rebecca Brandmayer, Luca Diefenbacher
Baudirektion Kanton Zürich
baubüro in situ
Graphic: Zirkular GmbH
Photos: Martin Zeller