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As the neighborhood meeting place, the Old Planing Mill acts as the heart of the newly planned quarter.  baubüro in situ was entrusted with the restoration of the historic building, while Zirkular organized the search for building components in a close collaboration. The open hall provides space for formal neighborhood events, but day to day is open for general public use. Absent due to previous demolitions of adjacent halls, the facade was closed with a mullion-transom system made of reuse windows. The brick parapets of a demolished building were cut and relocated on site. The interior of the hall itself was left as much as possible in its original condition. Traces of years of industrial use are evident on the walls inside and out and were preserved during the refurbishment with only selective changes made when necessary. A disassembleable boxed enclosure made of reused, laminated veneer panels accommodates toilets, cloakroom and a kitchenette.

year of completion:
project team:
Dario Vittani
component hunting:
Alina Döhmen
Building Cooperative mehr als wohnen
Topik Partner
baubüro in situ: Rosanna May, Lisa Walder
Martin Zeller, Zirkular GmbH: Dario Vittani