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In the planned new building, an ambitious reuse strategy has been developed together with the project team, which should save around 250 tons of CO2eq. One focus is on the fa├žade, which was designed almost entirely from used components such as roof tiles, window shutters, fiber cement panels and railings. Another focal point is the interior ceilings, which, despite strict standard requirements, are to be consistently implemented using reused, recycled and biogenic materials. A major coup was scored early in the preliminary project stage, when all the kitchens needed for the project were dismantled from a housing estate in Zurich and stored for this specific purpose.

LysP8 is part of HEIG-VD’s LCA research project, where all measures are to be documented and evaluated in terms of their emission savings.

year of completion:
project team:
Pascal Hentschel, Andreas Oefner
component hunting:
Rebecca Brandmayer, Laia Meier
Stiftung Habitat
Eitel & Partner (construction management)
Pirmin Jung (Fachplanung Holzbau)
Loeliger Strub Architektur
Loeliger Strub Architektur