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The guest professorship of Kerstin Müller and Oliver Seidel with Jasmin Amann and Blanca Gardelegui dealt with searching for solutions to the question of how to build in times of climate crisis and scarcity of resources. In addition to the preservation of existing buildings, the reuse of building components was given high priority. Both topics were examined using buildings currently under discussion in the cities of Karlsruhe and Basel. Responsible public authorities were actively involved in the process and provided valuable insights. Through deconstruction workshops, the students had the opportunity to tackle building components themselves in practice. Sometimes building components cannot be dismantled – an important insight for planning buildings according to the principle of “Design for Disassembly (DfD)”, so that buildings serve as material depots for the future. DfD maximizes the disassemblability and reusability of building components, reduces the burden on the environment and preserves cultural values.
The guest professorship provided insights into working methods of circular construction. The implementation of this way of thinking has led to remarkable results.

The event was initiated by the international guest professorships of the Sto Foundation at the KIT Faculty of Architecture.

year of completion:
project team:
Kerstin Müller, Oliver Seidel, Jasmin Amann, Blanca Garcia Gardelegui
Sto-Stiftung, KIT-Fakultät für Architektur
Fachgebiet Nachhaltiges Bauen, KIT-Fakultät für Architektur, Peter van Assche und Katja Hogenboom (bureau SLA, Amsterdam), Maarten Gielen (RotorDC, Brüssel)
Entwurf Hochbau, Sommersemester 2022: RE-CONSTRUCT BETTER!, Entwurf Hochbau, Wintersemester 2022/23: park_haus: disassemble, reassemble
Zirkular GmbH, Blanca Gardelegui, Jasmin Amann
Students KIT: Michael Hosch, Johannes Hoer, Davina Dixon, Julian Knopp, Johann Kuhn, Luca Diefenbacher, Emilie Rickling, Angelina Teterja, Kai Moritz Tanner