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The Champagne Quarter around Terrain Gurzelen is one of the development priorities of the city of Biel. After producing a convincing use concept for the neighborhood, GurzelenPlus cooperatives were awarded the building rights to the site. The competition for the new building was won by Luna Productions with “La Fleur – it blooms”. The project consists of a five-story angular building with an additional attic story coupled with a two-story wing building. In the future, 230 people will live here. The project will be primarily wooden construction. Already in the competition project, Luna Productions proposed specific ideas for building with reused building components. After the competition decision, Zirkular joined the project in the technical planning. The largest reuse portion of the project, almost 100 tons of steel, is the shared access balconies, with radiators, bathroom fixtures, the facade cladding, and many further components also planned as reuse products.

year of completion:
project team:
Andreas Oefner, Basil Rudolf
component hunting:
Alina Döhmen, Rebecca Brandmayer
Building Cooperative GURZELENplus
Wood and Steel Engineering: PIRMIN JUNG Schweiz AG
Landscape Architecture: Chaves Biedermann
Building Services Engineer: enerconom
Cost Planning and Managment: Anderegg Partner AG
Luna Productions
Luna Productions